Shark Byte is a new indie dev team consisting of one programmer/designer and basically anyone he can lure into his lair to work for him.

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Anywhere - Skype Preferred [OLD] [PAID] Concept Artist For RPG Game at Shark Byte

concept artist for rpg game shark byte anywhere - skype preferred artists inspired by such classic titles as chrono trigger, secret of mana and the final fantasy series, i've been planning an expansive and dynamic rpg game with a lot of focus on the characters and the struggles across the different lands you travel between over the course of the game. the overall plot features a dimension-hopping heroine on a quest to destroy the dark energy that is corrupting the multiverse. along the way you'll help the people of each world overcome their own struggles - whether it's against slave-driving oppressors, power-crazed warmongers or even just a really massive dragon. not only will the main storyline of each world form its own chapter of the game, but the stories will dynamically change depending on which worlds you head to first - leave it too long before heading to the sunless city and you might just find that the badass mage you wanted to recruit has been killed horribly while you were away. that's the game. but since all i have to show for it right now are several pages of notes and a few pixel-y character designs i whipped up in an online character generator, i'm going to need somebody to draw up some proper character sketches.

Jul 31, 2013
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