We are the Rose-Boom modding team. We are currently working on "Hypovolemia" using the alien swarm SDK.

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Posted by Moddb.com on Jan 5th, 2012

Hypovolemia is a competitive 3rd person shooter.
The players assume control of a covert special forces team funded by a shadow government.
Your team operates in a compartmentalized manner and will engage in missions involving: raids of underground military installations, neutralizing witnesses and evidence, and securing valuable alien technology.
There are six main factions to control, which clash in a secret war, each with their own unique attributes and directives established by their unbeknownst elite superiors.

Video showing most of the weapons currently in the mod: Youtu.be

Hypovolemia Mod Team is recruiting new modellers.

Be able to do one or more of the following:
- Create props for maps
- Create prop vehicles for maps
- Create weapon models
- Create character models
- Animate characters or prop models ( such as flipping over tables or animated door models )

Required: Experience in Any Major Software Suite (3DS Max, XSI, Maya, Blender)
Required: Be able to uvmap and texture your own models.
Required: Be able to follow directions, be able to take criticisms and revise your models as needed.
Required: Basic Knowledge & Understanding of the Source Engine

Suggested: ZBrush or Mudbox Experience

To Apply

Email at defragen1@yahoo.com or feel free to add me to steam friends: pavle_bodi

Aug 13, 2010
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