-RaGe- is originally a gaming community that owns multiple Garry's Mod servers. We have a successfull sytem and group. The owners are Paradise (Christopher Lyons) and Baller (Jackson Perez). We love FPS games and need someone (or a group of people) to work together as a team and make us a game we would love to see in Steam Greenlight.

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Anywhere - Skype Needed [OLD] [PAID] Source Engine Programmer and Modeler Needed! at Rage Gaming

source engine programmer and modeler needed! rage gaming anywhere - skype needed programmers you will be making on the source engine making a game called "under attack: modern combat",we will pay with a starting amount of 5 dollars and we will pay more as you work, you must have at least 2 years of experience in this field and must be able to give us a presentation during your live application. the project will take several months and will need a small team of few people. we need 2 intermediate to advanced coders. we also need a level designer or 3d modeler. we will let you know any more information. if you need anymore information, contact me on skype. http://www.ragegaming.org/

Anywhere - Skype needed [OLD] Source Coder Needed! at Rage Gaming

source coder needed! rage gaming anywhere - skype needed programmers hello, i am christopher lyons the owner and manager or a small indie development team looking for people that work on the source engine. we are looking to hire people! here is the list of all the requirements to hire someone for my development team: 1. needs to be source sdk 2. this is a short project of about 4-6 months 3. our budget is low, but we will see what we can do 4. i need someone with at least 1 year of experience. 5. this person (one or two, two would be great!) needs to be comfortable with working (talking on skype) with younger people (15-30 yrs.) 6. we are making a fps game on source sdk. a simple game for the first project of my company, game development team, and community. 7. here are what the people will be doing. (it can be split with 2 or 3 people) - a class (loadout) system - a level up system - a set of about 50 weapons and 8 vehicles - gamemodes and basic gameplay contact info: email: christophkim716@yahoo.com skype: chris-lyons1 online weekdays: 4pm - 10pm est. standard time. online weekends: 12pm - 10pm est. standard time. thank you - christopher lyons

Aug 1, 2013
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