Race-Away: Studio is a very fun team which works to create new titles.

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Anywhere [OLD] Concept Artist at Race Away

concept artist race away anywhere artists race-away is looking for a concept artist for a position on a up-coming indie devolopment team. the position will require you to create detailed enviroments, characters, props and weapons. must have: - creativity - work well in a small team desires: - create all aspects of drawing - works fast - knows 2d graphics - works with photoshop thanks.

Anywhere [OLD] Video Composer at Race Away

video composer race away anywhere artists open postions: varion is looking for video composers !!!! our profile: http://www.moddb.com/mods/varion varion is a total conversation using the source engine. we went for a more serious approach but a nice new fun graphics. the mod is a dm based mod with futuristic settings and hi-tech weaponry. video composer: we are looking for a talented video composer. skills: + follows rules + knows different cam angles + can create, edit and publish hi-quality content + we don't require any experience + we will take on anyone aslong as you can do a lot of work for us.

Anywhere [OLD] Character Modeller at Race Away

character modeller race away anywhere artists varion (hl2 modification): pictures of mod: we are currently seeking 3d artists to help to contribute models to the mod. we are currently looking for character modellers as we need more custom characters in the mod. these characters will be futuristic and exciting and unquie. our page: http://www.moddb.com/mods/varion

Nov 9, 2008
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