Currently a two man mod team. I (JordanFreeguy) have been developing the Episode 2 mod 'The Underground'. Joining me is Croco, a texture artist among other things.

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Anywhere (If english-speaking) [OLD] player modeler/prop modeler(s), texture artist, programmer at Protagonist Productions

player modeler/prop modeler(s), texture artist, programmer protagonist productions anywhere (if english-speaking) artists hello, i'm working on a mod called 'the underground' for half-life 2: episode 2. it's a story about a man who is called back to a place he'd long forgotten, in which he unexpectedly meets a ghost that sends him to the past. first of all i'm just looking for a team that will work with me unpaid, as this is not a company. i'm looking for experienced prop modelers and anyone capable of making character models. preferably people (or one person) who has worked on a successful or large scale mod before. in addition to your assistance, i will choose the most experienced member to join and make them co-leader, to help keep the development running smoothly and maintain the page updates. i will also note that there will be no big hurry, no deadlines, and no pressure to complete anything. just a team that can work together and communicate to share ideas. __________________________________________________________________ prop modeler requirements: in addition to the above stated i ask that you are able to - properly create .smd props that will work in the mod - communicate and share your work with other members to see how you can improve your prop (if needed.) -texture your prop correctly -create physics models (optional) -create weapon models ________________________________________________________________________ character modeler requirements - be able to model a character in a program of your choice (that can export .smd files.) - work together with texture artist to create a fully textured player models. -rig your character models. _______________________________________________________________________ texture artist requirements - assist in the creation of different types of textures/materials. - know how to use vtfedit or other vtf creation program to make textures and materials. - work together with modelers (if needed) to create prop and player model textures. (optional) - design your own wallpapers/ other picture-based media to promote the game. ________________________________________________________________________ programmer requirements - be able to edit game code to accommodate new weapons/entities. - edit game code (such as: allowing more than one dynamic light projection) - edit whatever other code and scripts needed. _______________________________________________________________________ other small positions are available such as: voice actor, and assistant level designer. i am currently the main level designer, writer, texture artist, and music composer. so you could see that i wouldn't be asking for help if i didn't need it. if you meet one or more of these requirements, and have actively worked on a mod before, you can be a very valuable asset to this team, and i would be happy to make you co-leader of protagonist productions.

Jun 27, 2012
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