The Project Stealth Team is a team of both game industry professionals and enthousiastic amateurs with talent. Our members are located in the USA, Canada, The Netherlands, Brazil, Austria and various other countries. We've been together since November 2006 and have been working on the UDK-powered game "Project Stealth".

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Anywhere [OLD] UnrealScript expert at Project Stealth Team

unrealscript expert project stealth team anywhere programmers project stealth, a 6-year old indie, is looking for new, experienced programmers to join its team. our genre is stealth action multiplayer featuring intense 2 vs 2 gameplay with completely asymmetrical teams. strategy and outsmarting your opponents along with teamwork are critical for winning a game. we're looking for an =================== unrealscript expert =================== to finetune and add to our existing extensions of udk. examples of our extensions: custom kismet nodes for level designers, freeroaming (think advanced ledge detection like assassin's creed), animation framework (simplifies advanced blending) and more. required: ========= - extensive knowledge of unrealscript (at least 2 years) - basic unreal editor knowledge - good oop background in c++, c#, java or equivalent - time and dedication preferred: ========== - previous position as lead or senior programmer - version control experience (svn, git) - worked on at least one indie or commercial game that was released - fan of ubisoft's splinter cell series activities: =========== - work alongside our rapid-prototyping programmer to include new features - do qa checks on all code that enters our main trunk - work with ui flash artist to make menus and huds functional - extend current systems about project stealth: ====================== set up in 2005 to bring stealth fans the next big stealth game, project stealth has on average 6 active members. we exhibited at gamescom 2009 and were featured in pcgamer uk. music is composed by theodore wohng from the ball. programming is about 75% done. thanks for your interest!

Dec 19, 2007
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