"Project Itzkeria" is a development studio that's dedicated to making freeware indie games of the highest quality possible. Established in 2011, the studio already has three game behind its back, with three more in development.

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Anywhere [OLD] Level/Map Designer at Project Itzkeria

level/map designer project itzkeria anywhere level designers i'm looking for a mapper/level designer for my future rpg maker vx projects. i'm not very good at level design, so i believe having someone help me out with that will improve the quality of my games a lot. keep in mind that even though the ability to draw object sprites is a big plus, it's not necessary at all, and using the default rpg maker rtp is completely acceptable. all i'm looking for in a level designer is the ability to create interesting dungeons that look good and are fun to play through. requirements: *a copy of rpg maker vx (that's where you'll make the levels) *free time and dedication to the project.

Anywhere [OLD] 16-bit character spriters at Project Itzkeria

16-bit character spriters project itzkeria anywhere artists looking for 16-bit character artists for rpg maker vx project. no experience needed. the only requirement is that the spriter should be able to create quality sprites in the standard style of the engine. keep in mind that i will need battle sprites (aka kaduki sprites) for several characters.

Oct 27, 2011
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