Onyxbreakers is a small indie RPG making company which are dedicated to creating indie games. it is made up of Lee Janes and Edgar Duncan as well as others that do odd jobs. Onyxbreakers is a developer under Bon Ink Creations.

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Anywhere [OLD] Beta-Testers Needed at Onyxbreakers

beta-testers needed onyxbreakers anywhere qa/testers hi all dark matter part 1 is almost finished and we need beta testers to play through and find anything that needs to be changed before we have dark matter week. during dark matter week we will be fixing any errors or bugs that the players find. dark matter will be uploaded to our google drive on 23/10/2012. we are looking for 20/25 people to test play the game if you would like to beta test dark matter contact me and i will share the game with you as soon as its uploaded. we hope to hear from you soon lee janes onyxbreakers director

Anywhere [OLD] [PAID] 2D Artist Needed For Dark Matter Part 1 at Onyxbreakers

2d artist needed for dark matter part 1 onyxbreakers anywhere artists hi, we are looking for a skilled 2d artist willing to help us complete 'dark matter part 1'. the game is a 2d sci-fi rpg made on rpg maker vx . you can check out more about the game here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/dark-matter/374965645902347?ref=hl screenshots, videos and more about the game and story. the first part of the game is almost complete, but needs some art pieces to bring the characters in the game to life. you will get to create/envision the characters based on characteristics supplied. the game is the first in a trilogy of games based in its own universe and is expected to ship by the end of this year once the artwork is completed. the game is currently in alpha testing and we are working on a funding bid. any artist joining me will be a part of the team and we will agree on the distribution of sales. we are a two person team myself (lee) and edgar we have voice actors for all the main characters. we also have a publisher if you wanted to look at there website please check here. http://www.boninkcreations.com/ we will basically leave it to the artist to visualize his world.

Jul 21, 2013
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