This is a group of usually one person, me but who knows maybe we will expand one day.

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Anywhere [OLD] Voice Acter/Actress at One Man Productions

voice acter/actress one man productions anywhere audio/music i need people to voice act for a small up and comming mod i will hopefully get the mod wroking i will need applicants immediately only thing you need is a microphone and if you have audacity to record it (audacity is a free program) contact asap i am still on the rough side for the mod details aren't released till i get significant progress but i need confirmed voice actors quickly all i need to know is name (username or real) age *sex e-mail experience that's it regards connall *sex just to know if you are female or male nothing else we also won't release or use any of these details in any personal way you will get credited for working on the mod and in the event your details need to be published for some reason we will clear it with you first

Anywhere [OLD] Quest Designer (Oblivion) at One Man Productions

quest designer (oblivion) one man productions anywhere programmers i am looking for someone who is able to create quests in oblivion as well as able to create dialouge on characters every aspect of it is supplied the basic quest line,items and characters are always supplied the main course of work is to do look at what is handed to you and convert it into a quest i am looking for someone who knows a fairly big knowlege of scripting on oblivion and has this as a full time position. if you accept i will had a task over to you a simple quest or a quest that will be featured in my mod. this is non paying mod however will get full credit to the quest design and all aspects of the quest except the characters that i created so on and so forth. hopefully you will join up and enjoy working with me if you want to see the sort of mod you will be working just go to m mod page however please keep in mind the mod only slightly collides wit hthe quest for example. the quest is activated inside the house from an item and an event so you kill the arena champion then the quest would be about him if possible i would like to see and example of your work but if that is not possible then i will set a task for you thanks connall

Jun 28, 2009
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