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Anywhere [OLD] [PAID] HTML5 Programmer (Construct 2) at Onagro Studios

html5 programmer (construct 2) onagro studios anywhere programmers onagro studios is hiring and paying using royalties one more html5/java programmer with experience on construct 2 or similar. this is the last position standing on the team, come help us out! our current project is defection: station 19, a stealth action game inspired by the early kojima games like metal gear and metal gear 2: solid snake. you can check our game's status by going into our moddb or facebook page. the choices to communicate with the team are using skype/facebook. if you don't have any of these, no problem either, we can work that out. we're looking for people who can qualify for most or all of these: *can sacrifice a few hours a week for the project. *is open to criticism and can criticize, after all, this is made by an entire team. *we don’t require professional experience, but if you've worked with another indie game, that'll be good to know. *has experience with construct/construct 2, this is the engine we're using. this is pretty much crucial. *can deliver tasks quickly/on schedule. payment: *currently, this is an unpaid job. however, we're going to pay you the royalties of any game copy or its ost sold. your position as a programmer will award you 10% of the entire profit. *we're also going to do a crowdfunding later this year, it's your chance to earn a bonus. *if you do not wish to be paid royalties, we can make a deal. just email us for any questions regarding this. any other questions regarding other topics, send us an email too. it's on the "to apply" field.

Feb 16, 2013
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