No Limit Games is an Indie game developer in Anaheim Ca. Run by an ambitious business minded man named William Brevard and his co-founding business partner Kevin Loza.  No Limit Games is comprised of a small team of highly talented and dedicated artist, programmers, animators, and modelers.

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Anywhere [OLD] Character Rigger at No Limit Games LLC

character rigger no limit games llc anywhere artists we are currently working on our first commercial game called vengeance. we have a team of about 18 people but are missing riggers. right now, we have about 10 of our 13 characters modeled, but only 1 is rigged. the game will be done using the unity engine, so knowledge of rigging to unity's engine is important. this is not a paid position, however, when the game is completed it will be sold. at which point the profits from the sale of the game will be used to pay all who were part of its development. this will change only in the event that we are able to secure investment financing, in which case, everyone will be paid even before the game is released, based on the amount of work they have completed at that point, and for each project they complete going forward until the release of the game. afterwards each person that were part of the production team at the time of release will be paid a percentage of the monthly sales of the game (each month). we plan on having it released for pc/mac/linux, ps3, and ps4. if we are able to create a more toned down version we will also release on ps vita. this is our first game we're working on, and we have two more games in the pipeline to start next. so this position could be long term, or just contract for this one game.

Apr 23, 2013
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