New Dawn Studios levels, Programmer, Modeling, Music, Video - Thommoboy Music, Art, Concept, Story, Levels - Godofconcepts Tester, Movie Maker, Art - kennyfrommar Models and animations - domis4 Models and animations - Urban kid New Dawn Studios Started out making a iphone game called anarchy which has been put on hold for our new game The Grind

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Anywhere [OLD] Engine Modifier/Coder needed for Rage PSP at New Dawn Studios

engine modifier/coder needed for rage psp new dawn studios anywhere programmers rage for psp needs a engine modifier/coder. expirience in quake c needed to add: weapons enemies sounds ai custom hud custom menu reloading aim down sights economy (sellable and buyable items) you will be a vital part of keeping this project alive and kicking!

Anywhere [OLD] Modeller and Animator For Rage PSP at New Dawn Studios

modeller and animator for rage psp new dawn studios anywhere artists new dawn studios needs a weapons and player modeler desperately for kurok. this will be a part time position in the company if you want. without this position rage for psp will die! only experience needed is how to animate weapons and players in any modeling software and export them to .mdl for kurok

Oct 11, 2011
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