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Anywhere [OLD] [ROYALTIES] Animator at Mythic

[royalties] animator mythic anywhere artists blacklight studios is in need of animators to help rig and animate characters to be used in faceless, an independent greenlit horror on the unreal engine 4, to be sold on steam. to apply for this role, you must have a good understanding of rigging and animating, the main points of animation will be for character models. as mentioned above also, examples will be required in your application and if you have signed an nda and cannot show certain examples, you are more than welcome to create a test piece to show your level of skill, if you want to apply. it is also recommended each applicant has some knowledge of unreal engine 4 and understanding of how to utilize the engine and its tools. if you are accepted onto the team, you will be required to share your skype credentials so that you can be added to the development chat group. this chat group is text based, and not audio based. there is also a separate personal chat for off-topic speak of all kind. the development chat requires you to check in as regularly as possible, we recommend once every two days. royalty payment: this project is being sold on steam, and developers will receive pay post-launch based on the sales. more information can be requested when applying. additional links:

Anywhere [OLD] Level Designer at Mythic

level designer mythic anywhere level designers mythic is looking for experienced level designers to work on an unannounced game on steam utilizing unreal engine 4. applicants will be required to demonstrate knowledge of both basic and advanced level design techniques in addition to a profound sense of artistic initiative and design. applicants must have experience in: - unreal engine 4 editor - unreal engine 4 material editor + addition design tools in the editor - an understanding of how to import and implement textures and models into the editor *clear understanding of and capability to express abstract 3d objects and characters in a game designed around horror* you will need to remain in contact at least 2 times a week. payment works on a royalty basis and depending on contribution to the project. all work is credited to you. good things to have : active email skype understanding of gdocs *note* be prepared to provide examples of your work!! *do not apply if you cannot meet the above criteria* thank you for your time.

Anywhere [OLD] Concept Artist / Enviromental Artist at Mythic

concept artist / enviromental artist mythic anywhere artists mythic is in need of talented individuals to create unique and powerful concept designs for an upcoming unannounced project. experience in : photoshop illustrator (most professional imagery software) *preferable tablet experience and skill in digital art* *clear understanding of perceptual art shadows and contrasting colors* *understanding of horror concepts and realism in decaying environments* you will need to remain in contact at least 2 times a week. you will not be paid but offered credit and whatever spotlights we can dish out. *this includes interviews / articles / videos* all work is credited to you and you own all rights to your artwork. good things to have : active email skype understanding of gdocs be prepared to provide examples of your work!! *do not apply if you cannot meat the above criteria* thank you for your time.

Mar 24, 2013
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