The Team that brought you Fun Mod, now developing Modern Warfare Mod 2. We intend to bring World in Conflict from the Cold War into the Modern Age. We also intend to up the ante on realism and authenticity in every role – Infantry, Armor, Support and Air, while trying our best to keep everything relatively balanced for fun and interesting gameplay.

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Anywhere [OLD] 3D Artists (Modelling, UV Mapping, Texturing ) at WIC : Modern Warfare Mod Team

3d artists (modelling, uv mapping, texturing ) wic : modern warfare mod team anywhere artists are you interested in modern military equipment and doctrines? do you want to work in the gaming industry but need to get some experience first? if your answer is yes, then wic mw mod team is recruiting! mw mod is looking for 3d artists to offload some of the heavy amount of work load on our back. wic mw mod is the leading premiere community made modification to the award-winning world in conflict real-time tactics game. the mw mod team has produced authentic and high quality content that rivals those of professional game studios. modern military simulation to reach casual audience and realism are passionate goals for the wic mw mod. in this position you would be modelling, uv mapping, texturing and possibly rigging (for animation) military equipment and vehicles that would go into the mod. if you are interested in modern military doctrines, weapon systems and have experience in working with 3d art, please apply!

Aug 2, 2010
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