Our main goal is to keep everyone satisfied to make sure that you guys can get your cake and eat it too. The only game that we are currently developing is Zombie Zanity, Started by Wezley Sherman. We are currently hireing and looking for... - Texture artist - 3D Modeler - C++/C coder - Sound maker (All non prophet unless the game makes money)

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Anywhere [OLD] Texture Artist at Most Wanted Game Development

texture artist most wanted game development anywhere artists most wanted game development is currently recruiting one texture artist for a small android project. the project's concept will be explained if we deiced that you are fit for the position. the position requires that you are able to make decent planet textures from imagination. we're looking for someone with a great amount of creativity, and has a very good workflow. there is a chance of pay when the project gets done. if we deem the game good enough it will be put up on the android store for $1, and profits will be split accordingly. since this position is for an android game the textures wont have to be perfect, just enough for players to see what planet is what. this is a great position if you're a beginning texture artist who want's to improve their skills, and possibly make some money.

Jun 21, 2011
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