Run Currently by a Game Design Student, this Company Will be a Visual Novel Exclusive Development Company, As of now.

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Anywhere [OLD] 2D Artist for Visual Novel NEEDED! at Mekatron

2d artist for visual novel needed! mekatron anywhere artists hey, lead of team meka here, i need a talented digital artist that is willing to work straight away over email and skype. about the project: we're currently developing our first project, which is a visual novel, its mainly a linear game, which relies heavily on art, sound and story to keep the player engaged this isn't a paid position, and we need someone that will stick with the team till the game is released. we are trying to get this game greenlight on steam and that would be the only way that i can compensate you for your work, either way you will be credited correctly. what i require: - able to digital paint backgrounds and characters. - a understanding of the details of this advertisement . - willing to work. if this suits you, please contact me and we'll see if you quality

Feb 6, 2014
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