Members of the Rebalance Development Team. (Mod Creator - Michael Dan) (Present Development - Tanjitsu Mishima)

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Anywhere [OLD] Rebalance Theme Co-ordinator at MD's Rebalance Development Group

rebalance theme co-ordinator md's rebalance development group anywhere management pull together all the various sections data into a presentable view for codinging into themes. just basic trawl and haul data into groupings, come up with sections and make it presentable.

Anywhere [OLD] Writer at MD's Rebalance Development Group

writer md's rebalance development group anywhere marketing need some one with rebalance back history knowledge, to do a front page write up. something that basically sums up what the mod contains and its feel, the extensive back history as its been going as long as freelancer ect. need to compile a list of main individual game play features and additions to complete the summary.

Anywhere [OLD] Ship Rebuilder at MD's Rebalance Development Group

ship rebuilder md's rebalance development group anywhere programmers rebalance dev team is lookin for a ship loadout scripter. basic code knowledge, best if has worked on freelancer perviously. simple job just time consuming. plenty more to do if they want after thats complete. will be workin as part of a team on sections.

Apr 15, 2008
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