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Anywhere [OLD] 3D artists, 2D Artists, Programmers at LifeC

3d artists, 2d artists, programmers lifec anywhere artists hello about the project : north pole is under conquest,santa calls a boy from town to help him release the north pole by evil trolls,snowmans & toys!during his effort the boy will discover north pole's history and will fight against boss like ice dragons and much more!it will be up to you if you will be good or bad boy,but depending on your behavour the elfes will help you or they may do your life a nightmare!he will discover secret caves in mountains and underways under the north pole with secret weapons and other things! the map will be divided in 3 sections - winter forest - santa's factory - elf village the player will have small things which will help him like rope,water detectors and other... electromagnetic weapons to bring back to life broken toys and other things!and of course vehicles so he can reach fast his destination!he will be able to upgrade his weapon and increase his skills! you will be able to play the story with up to 4 people... and it will also have a multiplayer racing mode into the forest! it will be 3d person open world game!and it won't! contain blood! the release date is estimated somewhere at the end of 2014! it won't be paid job if it's not successful! positions : 2x programmers(c,c++) 2x animators 2x character artist 2x prop artist 2x level designers(knowledge of unity) 1x concept artist

Nov 5, 2013
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