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Commercial licence

Hardware accelerated 2D engine fully customized by config files and controlled by LuaScripts:)

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Latest tweets from @petermatyja

Lavgine v1.3.0a is finaly here :D Download it from here : I hope you like it :)

Sep 28 2013

Well, I forgot to tweet about first Lavgine 1.2.3a Windows/Linux release. This is my first attempt for linux release so be patient ^^

Mar 5 2013

Lavgine 1.2.2a has been released. Linux port works but need some tuning and bug fixing. C++ SDK is also almost ready. Stay tuned for more :)

Nov 23 2012

Lavgine 1.2.1a finally released. I've tried to fix as much small bugs as I can. I hope next released will be even closer to 'Perfect' state.

Jun 25 2012

Strugle with Linux continues... Base Lavgine modules are ported. Now platform/library specific stuff :/

May 30 2012

Finally I've managed to compile Lavgine using GCC with CodeLite. Now I need to port some functions and libraries ^^ Then some tests and.. :3

May 9 2012

I've added 'Gravity' and 'Wind' factors to particles. Results are better than I've execpeted. Truly amazing ^^

Mar 27 2012

Lavgine 1.2.0a released :) I've decided to use diffrent versioning due I've made many changes in code and whole API.

Mar 22 2012

Lavgine 1.1.7 will use OpenGL 1.5 ^^ I've finaly done it :-)

Feb 21 2012

Lavgine 1.1.6a - released ^^ via @IndieDB

Dec 23 2011

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