Kolben Games was founded in October 2012 and we have now 9 great people making awesome things. Kolben Games is a group of indie developers who decided to join together to make amazing games, we crafted games like Pokémon 3D and Dimensia. With the resources we have, we are trying to bring you the best indie games we can make to you, the community. Built with determination and heart, we are focussing on every detail and are trying to polish the games to look and play as amazing as possible.

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Anywhere [OLD] Pokémon3D 2D Spriter/Animator at Kolben Games

pokémon3d 2d spriter/animator kolben games anywhere artists some of you may recognize me but for those who don't, i am nils (nilllzz) drescher, lead developer for pokémon3d (http://pokemon3d.net/). we have been wanting to start adding the new generation 6 pokémon to our game but we are lacking the walking sprites to use for most of the in-game functions. we are looking for someone who can replicate the style of the sprites already in our game (from hgss) for all of the new pokémon and all of their forms (mega evolutions included). our current battle system uses the walk sprites for the pokémon during battle so we need all forms to be done in this style before we can use the pokémon. here is an example (http://i.imgur.com/36djtf5.png). we normally use a sheet of 12, 32x32 pixel sprites (sheet: 96x128) but this may be changed for larger pokémon such as xerneas or yveltal. also, every pokémon needs a shiny version of the sprite, which is basically just the normal sprite recolored. to work with us we do need to be able to comunicate with you, so being able to comunicate in passable english is a must.

Dec 13, 2013
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