Keevo is a Game Company in need of members, we are flexible on what you are good Keevo Inc. Is mostly aiming towards platformers on steam with a fun gimmick to them.

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Anywhere [OLD] Need Programmer too make an RPG at Keevo

need programmer too make an rpg keevo anywhere programmers hi, i'm kevin need a programmer to help program a 2d rpg. the game plays a lot like most rpgs. it is going to be put on steam and the programmer will get 50% of the money made. i myself, will be the artist, animator. you can program in any language. you may tell me how the art shall be laid out such as a weapon needs to be separate from the character (stuff like that) thanks, keevo inc. ceo. kevin macsuibhne

Anywhere [OLD] Need Programmer Experienced in Programming 2D Platformers at Keevo

need programmer experienced in programming 2d platformers keevo anywhere programmers hello, i would like to create a game that is like super meat boy with guns. i need someone experienced in making 2d platformers. i plan the game to go up on steam in about a year from now. the programmer will get 50% of the cash made on the game. i myself will be the artist. thank you very much for reading.

Feb 23, 2014
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