For nice custom story devloppers. Mail us. We will add you to the group. oh. yes send the mail as followed: 1: how old are you 2: How many customstorys do you have for amnesia 3: Why should we add you? --Done-- Send me a message on moddb Name: JM_Build Or in the profile of the group stay: contact Send Message =D

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Anywhere [OLD] Small developer at ®©JM_Build_Team©®

small developer ®©jm_build_team©® anywhere programmers -require- 1: visual basic 2010 on pc 2: knows a little programming laguage 3: have gunz or amnesia or minecraft 4: love programming laguage: nl/en so like programming? and you are not the super best programmer. join us. make a program. develop it and share. be a big devlopper. in : jm_build_team shometing for you =d so join programming new enemies for amnesia.

May 3, 2013
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