we are a group of individuals dedicated to bring insurgency back to its former glory. We do this because INS is a great game and we don't want to see it die out. If you're interested and think you have a skill that would be valuable to the project, please contact Michael at his email.

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Anywhere [OLD] Programmer at Insurgency: Redeployment Team

programmer insurgency: redeployment team anywhere programmers this position is only for serious applicants. the programmer will be responsible for coding the game including game menus, gamemodes, weapons, classes, etc. minimal requirements * 1 previous project * extensive knowledge with c++, specifically with the orange box engine * 5 hours a week at least, to be dedicated to this project looking for * 2 or more previous projects that have or continue to show potential and most coded aspects of the game have been from you. * 2+ yr experience with c++ in general or 1 or more years of experience with coding for the orange box engine. * 10 hours a week or more able to be spent on the mod. you must have a positive attitude, be active on the developer forums, be able to manage a svn, provide constructive and positive criticism. you must be able to optimize and make code cleaner from the code we have (we have all current code available). you will be working with a team that is devoted to what they do and take what they do seriously. you will get the chance to work on a mod that hopes to revive a dying mod to and past its former glory. if you aren't as skilled in the general field of coding it may be alright we are looking for. menu coders weapon coders gamemode coders someone who can implement lua into the game and other things *note: our current code base is protected by team redeployment / 4-corner interactive you may be asked to sign a form agreeing not to release code with intents to sabotage or effect our mod.* (our website may be down at times for unknown reasons, if you can not get to the forums email me at mlb72197@gmail.com)

Dec 29, 2010
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