We are IDMT, the In Development Mod Team. The current leader of the team is Bluefire.

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Anywhere [OLD] Skinner - Weapons and Props at IDMT

skinner - weapons and props idmt anywhere artists in development, a source mod, needs a model skinner for its weapons and, in the future, props. in development is a mod about the journey through a game developer's mind. you will run through his game concepts and his consciousness whilst fighting off anything that tries to kill you, from nazis to aliens. you have access to "debug" weapons, which are coding utilities in weapon form, such as comments, breakpoints, and step over. weapons range from a variety of styles, from the traditional ww2 springfield, to the modern desert eagle, to odd "debug" weapons like the step over (see http://www.moddb.com/mods/in-development for a description). required skills: creating the texture preferable skills: uv wrapping modeling animating you will have deadlines, but if you show that you are actively working on something and need an extension, you will most likely get one.

Sep 11, 2009
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