We are an Indie Game company currently working on our first demo. We write screenplay for video games and are looking for programmers and graphic designers to work with on completing the process! Based in Bristol in the uk. Please, get in touch if you're interested for more details!

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Anywhere [OLD] IDYM looking for Prop Artists at I Drink Your Milkshake

idym looking for prop artists i drink your milkshake anywhere artists idym is looking for a prop artist to help populate the world of shadow on earth. we are open to candidates with all levels of production experience and would like to encourage a diverse pool of applicants. the style of our environments will be 'toon', if your work looks anything like pixar then you're in with a chance. work for the demo (apart from the expenses noted below) will be for credits but after demo release we will sign a release on your props allowing you to sell asset packages on. work is estimated to begin in earnest in late april 2015 and last for two to three months. location: europe please be advised this is a short term position and may lead to a full time position. responsibilities: concepting, modeling, uving and texturing game resolution props. be able to take simple sketches or photo reference and translate your own work to follow the game’s established style and art direction. deliver work via google drive. you must be able to: relocate to our studio. (travel, accommodation and food paid) or work remotely, using your own hardware/software. (former is much preferred) participate in web based company chat and video conference. work in unity and adobe photoshop. work independently with confidence, tackling a list of tasks while providing your own embellishments. added bonuses: you are familiar with unity. please see our website [www.idymgames.com] for a synopsis of the games story. interested? send a link to your portfolio and resume to idymgames@gmail.com and be ready to do a quick art test.

Jan 23, 2014
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