Hitbox Team is the developer of the upcoming game Dustforce. Dustforce is an acrobatic puzzle platformer. Use your trusty broom to clear an area by sweeping things up as stylishly and as thoroughly as you can! There is also a level editor, so you can create and share your own levels.

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Clean up the world with style! As an acrobatic janitor, you are an adept force against dust and disorder. Leap and dash off walls and ceilings, and deftly...

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Play Dustforce if you subscribe to Humble Trove: Humblebundle.com

Jun 14 2017

RT @lifeformed: I'm making the music for @tunicgame! Tunicgame.com (formerly called Secret Legend) Youtube.com

Jun 12 2017

RT @chriswade__: Engie by @hitboxteam is very good Engiegame.com

May 25 2017

You can get ENGIE, our 4-player co-op game we made for @DoubleFine 's Amensia Fortnight, here: Engiegame.com

May 24 2017

RT @hxLexie: I would have finished my realtime GI by now, but I spend most of my time throwing around 1000s of glowing objects... T.co

May 5 2017

Here's gameplay of our prototype of Engie, a game we made for Amnesia Fortnight: Youtube.com

May 4 2017

RT @tashizuna: process for one BG concept art for #Engie the newest work from .@hitboxteam drawing over the prototype snapshot... T.co

May 2 2017

RT @tashizuna: process for the splashscreen art for #Engie the newest work from .@hitboxteam sketches to final T.co

May 2 2017

RT @hxLexie: Engie is finally done, that was a long 2 weeks. Good work @woodleynye @lifeformed, time to get back to spire. T.co

May 2 2017


Apr 25 2017

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