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Anywhere [OLD] PROGRAMMER NEEDED (Unity would be nice but we don't care) at Head Banging Games

programmer needed (unity would be nice but we don't care) head banging games anywhere programmers we need a programmer to help us create a zombie game that will be released on pc. this is a non paying job. we would like people that have experience with the unity engine, but if you have experience in any others that will be fine. we want to use the unity engine, but you can choose your own.

Anywhere [OLD] Animator at Head Banging Games

animator head banging games anywhere artists we need someone who has experience animating models to give them smooth and realistic animations. this is not a paid job yet, but if the game eventually gets released you have a chance to receive money in the future. if you have experience animating models please send me an email at jgart23@aol.com

Anywhere [OLD] Multiple Positions Available at Head Banging Games

multiple positions available head banging games anywhere artists we are looking for several different positions to join our team at head banging games. if you have any skills you think could be used on an indie development team (level designer, programmer, animator, etc) then please send email jgart23@aol.com i'm sorry to say that you will not get paid at first but if the company takes off then you have chances to get money in the future.

Aug 16, 2013
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