Golden Tricycle was found by three berlin-based guys who joined forces to create video games. Today the team consists of eight active members, all working on the completion of our first title, CLARK, a grid based 3D action adventure with complex spatial puzzles. Since the founders Matthias and Felix joined forces with a new business partner, HahnFilm (a Berlin based animation studio) CLARK is now developed on a broader scale with a much bigger, more experienced team. CLARK's release is scheduled for summer 2013.

Industry Jobs Location Name | Field
Coder, Level Designer, 3D Artist and Online PR

[PAID] Coder, Level Designer, 3D Artist and Online PR

Berlin [OLD] at Golden Tricycle

coder, level designer, 3d artist and online pr golden tricycle berlin programmers hey guys! we are a young berlin based game studio, recently formed as a division of the hahn film ag. at the moment we are working on clark, an action-loaded 3d puzzle game for mobile devices. clark is under development since late 2011 and utilizing the unity engine, we are producing for both ios and android. with the financial support from hahn film we are now entering the crucial stage of the game's development and are looking for talented, enthusiastic 3d artists, level designers, c# programmers and online social media coordinators. for the time of buildup, we are offering these positions as paid internships but are interested in a long-term collaboration on upcomming indie and brand game productions. we are looking for creative spirits with lots of energy and the ability to work autonomously. we offer the chance to become firmly established in our team and significantly shape the future development of this venture. for starters you'll have a place in our office, a nice and supportive team around you and 700 to 1000 € (monthly) of financial compensation. additional information on us and hahn film: looking forward to hearing from you! the hahngames team

Indie / Mod Jobs Location Name | Field
Anywhere (englisch speaking) or Berlin, Germany [OLD] 3D Artist / Asset Designer – CLARK (Unity Mobile) at Golden Tricycle

3d artist / asset designer – clark (unity mobile) golden tricycle anywhere (englisch speaking) or berlin, germany artists love 3d ? join our team as a 3d artist / asset-designer!

Anywhere (englisch speaking) or Berlin, Germany [OLD] Level Designer - CLARK (Unity for iOS / Android) at Golden Tricycle

level designer - clark (unity for ios / android) golden tricycle anywhere (englisch speaking) or berlin, germany level designers clark wants you! join our team as a level designer! hey guys, this is matthias. i am the project manager & script framework developer for clark, our upcoming action loaded puzzle-adventure. we are golden tricycle, three people from berlin who joined forces in october last year to develop games for mobile devices. you can find an introduction to our team here we have been working on clark for six months now and have already finished a playable demo with three complete levels, cool puzzles, a unique visual presentation, dynamic sounds and a challanging enemy. to get an idea what our game is about you can just have a look at the complete playthrough of stage 3: but we want to add much more to this game - more levels, more gameplay elements, more enemies and characters, more environments, more, more , more ... that's way to much work for us. therefore we are currently looking for an enthusiatic level designer, who wants to join us and take over that "department". we are working together very closely and discuss every main decision as a team. however everyone of us has a main responsibility: as i said, i am doing the coding. felix is developing the visual style of clark. he creates all the models, textures, character designs and environments. philipp is our audio guy. he composes the music and implements all sounds. you could become the fourth member designing the levels and inventing lots of new gameplay elements! you can check the game's page with in-game screenshots right here: your task would be to sketch up new level scenarios and to invent new gameplay elements. we are searching for someone who really is into game design and loves to bring up new ideas, new concepts and new game spaces. after building abstract prototypes in unity and testing them, you will get the 3d assets and assemble them together with felix to create full fledged stages. requirements: • efficient workflow in designing (sketches, prototypes, iterations) • strong skills in environmental art and spacial design • well-organized data management • teamplayer bonus: • knowing the unity game engine - this really is helping a lot • online portfolio depending on your location we can imagine different forms of working together: online communication (dropbox, skype etc.) or joining our studion in berlin germany. you could work with us full-time or just give us a helping hand by doing some designs in your spare time. we would like to talk about that in detail after getting in contact with you. interested in working with us? please, get in touch with me via e-mail ( thanks for your time, matthias

May 4, 2012
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