We are a game studio currently working on our first game called Galactic Gladiators. We are trying to give back competitive arena games with a competitve edge. Our future bloodsport consists of 3 rounds. After Each round the stakes get higher and the game pace gets increased. Also new elements will appear in the level.. Between rounds players get spawned in a locker-room where they can equip. They can only equip two weapons which they will use for the entire round! So think smart!

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EU [OLD] Looking for a texture artist at Golden Oak Studios

looking for a texture artist golden oak studios eu artists golden oak studios is looking to recruit a texture artist. this position is non-paid. however, you will be given a great chance to improve your portfolio and skills together with a great team. besides our main project galactic gladiators, our company is also about to release our first mobile game. what you will be doing: for now you will be mostly working on our game, galactic gladiators. we will need a set of modular textures. looking like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lmv2nbw7ppzj6xx/arena_map.png if this sounds like something you would be up to, let us know! you can view our game project here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/galactic-gladiators and a quick sneak peek of our mobile game here (to be updated soon): http://www.goldenoakstudios.net/content/barrel-rescue

Europe [OLD] Concept Artist at Golden Oak Studios

concept artist golden oak studios europe artists greetings, golden oak studios is currently looking for one concept artist. we are currently working on two games, one mobile game and one pc game. our mobile game is to release in the coming month. why choose us? we are a team with alot of talented artists with great portfolios. with our imminent release of our mobile game and ongoing talks with investors this means that we could soon grow into a professional game company. what do we expect? we expect dedication, nothing more, nothing less. we can provide you with a place to grow and learn, and possibly a paid job in the future.

Anywhere [OLD] Looking for a marketing expert and level designer (udk) at Golden Oak Studios

looking for a marketing expert and level designer (udk) golden oak studios anywhere marketing greetings, we at golden oak studios are looking to expand our team. we are currently looking for someone with an expertise in marketing. for this position we do require you to have either a degree in this field or have marketed games before. your job within golden oak studios will exist in things like press release, social media marketing and in general getting more exposure for our project. other things might include setting up a financial model for our game, or even preparing a presentation that can be used when approaching venture capitalists. while we are currently an indie project, we will not be able to pay you, but we will allow you to share in any future profits. we are also looking for level designer that can work with udk. sent us your portfolio and we will take it into consideration.

Nov 8, 2013
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