Gamer's Unit is a Group that wants to make games as a passion and will love to become a game developer or a game design or anything in the gaming business this the group to be our website is very cool and check it out it's our homepage so join us :) we allow all ideas because we are a family friendly environment Gamer's Unit- Were Gamers Alike Comes Together

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Anywhere [OLD] Sprites Makers, Level Designers, Animator at Gamer's Unit

sprites makers, level designers, animator gamer's unit anywhere programmers this is gamer's unit where gamers alike come together this is a place where you can feel comfortable and very idea will be and question will be answer this a community that is right for you come join the unite- gamer's unit *most have a skype our boss's is jcbeastin3 *every idea is important make as many as you can *we need level developers,musicians,animators,coders,character models and programmers

Jul 13, 2013
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