The Game Brewery is a development "studio" for Lunar Blast Interactive. Consisting of three "employees", The Game Brewery's primary focus is creating games with unique settings and interesting mechanics.

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Anywhere [OLD] Unity Programmer at Lunar Blast Interactive/The Game Brewery at Game Brewery

unity programmer at lunar blast interactive/the game brewery game brewery anywhere programmers our technical director has recently asked for assistance regarding the programming of our latest project, the floating world. the floating world is a unique 2d adventure game with puzzle aspects, and as such there is no existing pre-built framework, which means we'll need to construct the entire game from scratch. we're looking for somebody to fill the position of programmer at the game brewery and help on the project. required skills: - good working knowledge of unity - skilled at either c#, javascript, or boo - good communication and active on skype - reliable please note, this position is not a paid position, however you will be compensated in the future (revenue share is not an option, however you will be paid a wage once it's within our budget). if you'd like to know more about the project, please visit

Jul 5, 2013
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