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Latest tweets from @calumbowen, @oatsbarley, @siskavard

50 Hilarious Things Only Ethnoarchaeologists Would Say

36mins ago by siskavard

RT @ADACTIVITY: I'm as upset as anyone at Tim burton's lack of diversity in his ongoing "Johnny depp in different top hats" project of the last 20yrs

2hours ago by siskavard

RT @Kekeflipnote: French Can-Can, made last year on my DSi :)

14hours ago by siskavard

just watched the Pepe the Frog report on CNN and now I don't know what's real anymore

17hours ago by siskavard

fuck those guys for making a game look the way they want it to look, ammirite guys

19hours ago by siskavard

I love ya, Toon Boom, but geez... putting all the best parts of your software into the most expensive pricing tier... ouch

20hours ago by siskavard

i wrote & produced an EP for a japanese singer that came out a few days ago! please have a listen!

Sep 23 2016 by calumbowen

There's a worrying trend of $0.99 games on Steam lately. Here's hoping it doesn't end up like the mobile market.

Aug 19 2016 by oatsbarley

My new sounds: Lovely Planet Arcade - Lovely Conclusion on #SoundCloud

Aug 13 2016 by calumbowen

My new sounds: Lovely Planet Arcade - Lovely Development on #SoundCloud

Jul 27 2016 by calumbowen

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