At SHOCKWAVE))) we believe in finishing what we started. We are currently developing the "Cold of War" and "World of War" mod series' for the RTS game Company of Heroes with mod leaders sgt.davis and Jagdpanther. We are also developing Half-Life: The Alternative for the Source Engine with mod leader pupkin.

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Anywhere [OLD] Content Planning/Layout at SHOCKWAVE)))

content planning/layout shockwave))) anywhere web/other good day, i'm looking for someone to help with historical accuracy and faction layout planning for cold of war: shattering fronts(a company of heroes modification). i'm specifically looking for: someone who understands military strateg, force sizes etc. you should also have a fair idea about the history(atleast since 2000)of the following nations/countries: eu(britain specifically), the united states and russia as well as what they are likely to design/do technologically/structurally in the future. the entry must include: name: your name and surname, include your most common nickname too experience: include your experience or where you learned(atleast basically) what you know. i would also like to know what experience you have with modding in coh specifically(for limitations of what can be done). contact: places i can reach you(links to your profile, e-mail, x-fire etc.)

Anywhere [OLD] Weapon Animator with 3ds Max 7/8 at SHOCKWAVE)))

weapon animator with 3ds max 7/8 shockwave))) anywhere programmers we at semper fi! games and software need at least 2 people who own 3ds max 7 or 8 to do animations for weapons. we need people with reasonable experience with animating and implementing new models into company of heroes. please send me some pictures of work you have done in modeling or very short videos on animations made by you. we will provide the models and give a brief on what we would like. we would do the animations ourselves but i we either don't have the experience or own the wrong version of 3ds max(2010 for me).

Anywhere [OLD] Half-life 2 Modders(All types) at SHOCKWAVE)))

half-life 2 modders(all types) shockwave))) anywhere programmers wqe are looking for modders to help in our project to convert half-life 1 to the source engine. but this will be with new models and very slightly changed storyline to be more like the half-life 2 missions. we have all posts open and anyone with reaonable skill is welcome. we require mostly moddellers at this point to start remodeling all the buildings/weapons/people/aliens.

Nov 10, 2009
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