FragSoft Entertainment is a very small independent developer & publisher company made by 2 best friends.

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Anywhere [OLD] Biped Modeler/Animator/Texturer at FragSoft Entertainment

biped modeler/animator/texturer fragsoft entertainment anywhere artists fragsoft entertainment is looking for a 3d modeler/sculptor capable of making realistic humanoid models with basic walking and running animations, as well as good looking textures. we are currently developing a simulator type game, set in a large-scale urban and rural map, and we are specifically for civilian models for walking around on the sidewalk, including: - business men - joggers - protesters - homeless people - police officers - drug abusers - drunks these are just what the models should look like, and what we intend on including in our game. i can elaborate more on the game if you apply, it's a very unique idea and i don't want it stolen. an added bonus would be if you can model vehicles. now you may be wondering, how will you be paid? you will be paid in the form of royalties, a minimum of 25% will be allocated to you, and will paid to you at the end of each week after we start selling/preselling our game. we plan on selling the game on desura and and, if funds and popularity permit, possibly steam. if you are interested in applying, email me a sample of your work at and set the subject as "humanoid modeler"

Anywhere [OLD] UDK Environment Designer at FragSoft Entertainment

udk environment designer fragsoft entertainment anywhere level designers firstly, this is for udk 3, not udk 4. secondly, we plan on making a gta-esque game, so you need to have open-world experience/ideas. we will be providing you with models and textures to use, we only need the base environment, as we will be putting in all the actors ourselves. we work on the game as often as we can, but school/work gets in the way, so we develop whenever we have spare time. this means that we won't need the map right away, we won't be giving you a deadline, as we understand how you have a life ;) if interested, email me at with subject "udk environment designer"

Feb 14, 2014
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