Four Square Games is an indie game company that is in the process of getting members together to create a science fiction video game. Details are scetchy at the moment, we realy haven't decided on alot of points yet, but we will eventualy. If you would like to contact us (with an idea, resume, or anything usefull) feel free to e-mail me at the company E-mail.

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Anywhere [OLD] (Learning opportunity) Amature Texture Artist at Four Square Games

(learning opportunity) amature texture artist four square games anywhere artists currently at four square games we are making a small indie zombie shooter, so that we can get team members together and gain experiance to work on our next, much larger game. right now we need a person to make simple textures for our zombie shooter, but also be a team member to work with us in the future. (no wages for this game, maybe some for the next but no promises) all you need to have is: a basic knowledge of how to make textures, some free time, a want for learning, and a good attitude!

Anywhere [OLD] UDK gameplay programmer at Four Square Games

udk gameplay programmer four square games anywhere programmers we are looking for a programmer that knows the language that the unreal engine uses, or one that can learn. we are making a small free fan third person shooter, loosely based on the lego galaxy squad (and the previous alien conquest sets) however boring this may sound, there's alot more ideas than just that. as a programmer we need you to be: - a good team player, - know atleast a little bit of c++, - experience is not required, and its ok if you're still learning. - have an e-mail or skype that you check frequently. - know about legos and be atleast a little creative if you want to ask any questions please e-mail andrew at note: it's a fan made game it is not approved or endorsed or even known by lego company. for more info on the legal side you can go to

Dec 10, 2012
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