A Software House? No. A lot of guy who want to enjoy with game development? No. “Two brother who love videogame” this is the best way to describe who we are but maybe someone want to know something else about us. Yes, two guys. Maybe it look strange, or maybe not, but our team count only two people: me and my brother. Exept for the sound effects, allthing is made by us (allways hopping to do a good job). Toilet-Paper? Footwear? What you'll going to play? We'll develop software, mainly game, for iOS platform. We'll focus on Visual Novel, trying to distinguish from the other VN and get to this genre be more appreciate by occidental people. Only iOS? Yes but we hope to move to other platform because this will mean that someone like our work.<br> When the first game will be released? We're working on the first chapter of our first game, we must do a lot of work but we're so motivate. We hope to release the first chapter as soon as possible on the App Store.

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Dispersio Series
Dispersio Series

Dispersio Series Indie

3 years ago Released Apr 29, 2011 Single Player Adventure

Dispersio is a Visual Novel with some Graphic Adventure Game features. We called it Graphic Visual Adventure Novel (GVAN). We have released two chapters...


Dispersio:Alone Indie

3 years ago Released Jan 24, 2010 Single Player Adventure

Dispersio Alone Lite is on the App Store!!!! We're finally back, stronger (?) thanks to the experience obtained with the first chapter. Seriously...the...

Kunoichi No Adventure
Kunoichi No Adventure

Kunoichi No Adventure Indie

2 years ago TBD Single Player Platformer

Kunoichi is a 2D side-scrolling platform for iOS. It will have traditional style platform levels (explore the level, collect items etc...) but also endless...

Netherworld: Gates Of Hell
Netherworld: Gates Of Hell

Netherworld: Gates Of Hell Indie

8 months ago TBD Single Player Platformer

New desc soon please wait ;) New desc soon please wait ;)

Steevee's Gravity
Steevee's Gravity

Steevee's Gravity Indie

1 year ago Released Sep 23, 2012 Single Player Platformer

Here is . . . STEEVEE’S GRAVITY, a -f*ck it’s too hard- physic based platform for iOS and Android. PS: It will be released also on Mac and PC if someone...

The Apeiron Project
The Apeiron Project

The Apeiron Project Indie

1 year ago TBD Single Player Adventure

You don't know why you woke up in an old manor . . . you can't remember what happened that night . . . . . . There something here . . . it was waiting...

Jun 28, 2010
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