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Anywhere [OLD] 3D Environment Modeler at FOCUS

3d environment modeler focus anywhere level designers hello team focus are currently looking for a designer to do a city full of skyscrapers. and the interior of the main appartments. its basically a game taking place in a large city full of skyscrapers. and each team (2-5(not decided yet) teams per game) gets a skyscraper. each team then gets a target item they have to get from one of the enemies tower. so they then have several things to do. they can walk through the main entrance, or they can use their vehicle to land on the roof, or to get through the windows with. they sell the item and gets points, exp and money. money they use to buy firearms, flashbangs, granades, vehicles (helis, cars and motorbikes) and armor. now they use this to upgrade their tower, get barikades and secure locks to rooms and safes. thats basicly the idea explobob (developer) and i (main developer) have in mind.

Dec 2, 2012
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