Flaming Brain Studios is a Web based Development Studio for up and coming developers. We employ everyone from digital artist and animators to programmers. We will be hopefully releasing our first title Praetorian Defiance Soon!

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Anywhere [OLD] Lead Level Designer at Flaming Brain Studios

lead level designer flaming brain studios anywhere level designers flaming brain studios is looking for someone to head up their level design team! we have a great staff of modelers, programmers and artist. come join our team! candidates for this position must have a strong understanding of level design concepts such as occlusion, level pacing, and 3d story telling. we are looking for individuals who can create beautiful and detailed environments based on concept art pieces and have a strong creative drive. this position is also a leadership position. it will require extra dedication to the project and team. he/she will organize the level design teams work load and tasks. he/she needs to be a good communication and work well with others.

Feb 14, 2010
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