Fire Hose Games is a new MIT spin off video game start up harnessing the power of the sun to make video games with positive social impact. We are designing engaging games with the following goals:

  • Opportunities for User Creativity and Expression
  • Fun Applications of Science and Engineering
  • New Technology for Highly Usable Video Game Interfaces

Check our Slam Bolt Scrappers, our first title, now in development, with an expected release date of Fall 2010!

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Slam Bolt Scrappers

Slam Bolt Scrappers


It’s a mash up of building and brawling! Reach for the sky and build the greatest towers in Slam Bolt City while defending against deviously charming...

King Kaiju

King Kaiju

Realistic Sim

A masterpiece of sophisticated, thoughtful narrative with branching plot and meaningful character development... not what this game is. YOU ARE...

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United States

1035 Cambridge Street, Suite 19
Cambridge, MA 02141

Latest tweets from @firehosegames

RT @Slapworth: Excited to announce that today was my first day as a designer @FireHoseGames - looking forward to making all the games!

May 9 2017

RT @WeRChicagoGame: We Are Chicago is released! Purchase at or Part of the proceeds go to non-profits!

Feb 9 2017

RT @batterystaple_g: Not that we want to give these guys more press, but they're using our banner on their frontpage.

Jan 24 2017

RT @batterystaple_g: (2/2) @earlyninja has no relationship of any kind with 20XX, folks. For a group promoting "full transparency" this sure seems shady.

Jan 24 2017

RT @batterystaple_g: Hey, @earlyninja - don't use games to promote your business you haven't officially partnered with (or even had a conversation with). (1/2)

Jan 24 2017

.@EarlyNinja is a scam. They promise to promote transparency, then feature 20XX on their website without permission or asking us.

Jan 24 2017

King Kaiju, the VR Godzilla-like game we're working on with @Chrixeleon is now on Steam!

Nov 22 2016

Having some fun working on a new project with @Chrixeleon

Nov 8 2016

Congrats Nick + the Slick crew!

Oct 4 2016

RT @MikeDrucker: Fuck, "20XX" is a fun Mega Man-style game. It's like "Mighty Number 9," if "Mighty Number 9" actually used its budget for a game.

Jul 1 2016

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