Enteractive Entertainment is small independent publisher, that publishes games created by Anarchy Game Studios.

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Anywhere [OLD] Web Developer at Enactive Entertainment

web developer enactive entertainment anywhere web/other the candidate will develop and maintain multiple websites along with rest of web team. developer will use html, css and javascript to create sites. please note, that this job is non-paid. responsibilities: • be a self starter, have high standards, be able to work independently and on a team to meet deadlines, even if requiring extended work hours. • create working, attractive and beautiful web sites. qualifications: • know html and css very well, or the ability to learn them very quickly • knowledge of javascript and the desire to learn more and improve • 6 months experience or more working as web designer • good english knowledge • capable of working independently • online portfolio strong plusses (but not required): • ability to work flexible hours (i.e., weekends) • knowledge of forum software (e.g., phpbb, vbulletin, ip.board, mybb)

Dec 22, 2012
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