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Anywhere [OLD] Animator, tight deadline at EDNA

animator, tight deadline edna anywhere artists we're currently working on our first ios mobile game, brian badger vs zombie snowmen from mars. we need someone to create animations for our protagonist, and enemy characters, as follows: badger (player character) - 1x walk cycle - 1x death - 1x idle 3x snowmen (enemies) - 1x movement cycle each - 1x attack (arm swipe) each - 1x death each our character models are extremely simple, low poly and 'cartoon-like', as can be seen with our main character: [center][/center] the snowmen models themselves are extremely simple, they have no legs as we figure their movement will be more like that of 'slugs' dragging across the floor. we're on an extremely tight deadline, as we want to submit to apple during the week starting december 16th, having lost our initial animator due to other work commitments. therefore we are not looking for massively complex animations, these just need to be quick and simple so we can get them ingame and submit to apple before christmas. we appreciate this is a stupidly tight deadline, but if you fancy a challenge, we'd be very grateful for the help. thanks edna.uk.net

Dec 12, 2013
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