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Leakers are going to leak as developers are going to develop, I suppose.

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{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-}: your mod is about to hit the trash when its leaked
{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-}: all your hard work will be stolen
{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-}: no one will stop me
Some time later
{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-}: i dont really need a pos mod anyway
Some more time later
{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-}: so your entire team can blame you for giving shana's alt account the mod

Alright, so it appears this ne'er do well has been butt-devastated over getting kicked out of E3 studios for his own idiocy. I find it rather amusing how he believes that leaking the old buggy build of Insolence will damage it in any sort of way.

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