A team of Battlestar Galactica fans (mostly) who got sick of not being able to play a game where you sat in the cockpit of a Viper and decide to make our own.

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Why do the Cylons move as fast as running a DOS game on WIndows? Hey amazing visuals & sound effects, glad this BSG mod survived the NBC chop.

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This yet another dead project that I had my hopes up for? Websites dead and most of the members have not signed in - in months.

You know, you should actually take this down... because every single project like this likely has 1 person who will say "its not dead!" - thereby keeping my hopes up for 1-2 years only for them to disappear from the face of the earth.

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WRONG NUGGET! the game is out :D



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newman1702 Creator

NBC Universal requested that moddb has to take down pages of all BSG projects. That's the reason there are no project pages anymore, and also the reason why nobody has signed in for months. There was no reason to.
This all doesn't mean we haven't continued on elsewhere.

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He isn't listed as member, so I guess not.

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hey if your looking for game testers i would be happy to voluteer my services,
I used to fly fighters in the navy, and i spent almost all my down time playing freespace 1 and 2. I'm a damn good pilot whose expertise and knowledge on flying cannot be denied.
weither or not you accept you guys are doing a damn good job.
oh yeah if you do except i'm sure i could advise you on flight patterns that would make your ai pilots more of a challenge to shoot down, in other words ugrade the cylons software

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