This group is the exclusive group of people tasked with 'porting' Resident Evil 1 onto Deus Ex's Unreal Engine.

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Anywhere [OLD] Sound/Music Artist at Deus - Evil

sound/music artist deus - evil anywhere audio/music the trem development team, deus evil, is currently looking for an experienced sound artist, we are looking for someone who can create several high quality scores of music or ambient sounds for the use with our deus ex modification trem. this person must have a good attitude and have good communication skills and must be able to work well within a team. the requirements are those, and possibly the person should have experience in "fl studios" (optional) the music will be made in "ogg" format. note: we are not paying any money to this job.. since our mod is free and it will be free, there is no way we would be getting money ourselves. so no payouts, sorry. however, if we somehow get benefit from this modification, you might get some of the money! so currently we're looking for someone who can apply us without asking anything about the payments.. etc. thanks!

Apr 13, 2009
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