Dead Crow studio has started developing a post apocalyptic first person shooter call Urban Wastelands.It will develop using UDK. Still looking to grow the team.For more info visit our site for jobs list.

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Anywhere [OLD] FPS Animator at Dead Crow Studio

fps animator dead crow studio anywhere artists i am looking for someone that does fps animations. they must have good knowledge of weapons animations reload and firing. the weapons that i will need to be animated is the ak47,sniper rifle m14,m4 carbine,knife and bow and arrow. there will be more down the road as we add more weapons. this is for a indie game call off grid. we play on paying as you go. once the animations are done for a weapon than we will send you the money for it. we will also go into more detail of the game play once the animator has signed the nda.

Anywhere [OLD] Environmental concept artist at Dead Crow Studio

environmental concept artist dead crow studio anywhere artists i have a opening for a indie game that i and a group of people are developing.the team works at a very fast pace so you will have to keep up. our goal is to be on kickstarter in 6 months. right now we have a investor that has given us the money to last up to 6 months, so right now the money is tight. most of the guys on the team have worked on aaa games in the past. this will be a pay as you go. the position that i am looking for is a environmental concept artist. after we have raised the money on kkickstarter this could turn into a full time job.

Jun 16, 2010
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