Crytivo Games is an independent game development studio founded in 2013 by Alex Koshelkov. Crytivo Games aims to deliver gaming experiences that challenge, engross, and offer endless hours of entertainment to gamers across the globe. The team behind Crytivo Games consists of talented individuals from all corners of the world, all working from home or in their own offices. We commit to regular communication and ensure that everyone fulfils their roles within the team. Such a studio can be difficult to manage, but it all comes down to dedication; something that is no danger of running out with the fantastic team that we have already built.

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Anywhere [PAID] Crytivo Games seeking freelance audio engineer for The Universim at Crytivo Games

crytivo games seeking freelance audio engineer for the universim crytivo games anywhere audio/music good day, we are crytivo games, a small indie studio currently working on the upcoming planet-management god-game, the universim. you can find more info about the game on our official kickstarter page ( and website ( down to business: we are looking for a talented audio engineer to join the team and help bring a little sound into the world of the universim. this is an off-site position as we operate in an international, collaborative environment with numerous team members spanning the globe. therefore, this job offer is open to any country. strong english skills are still a requirement for the job, however, as it is the primary language spoken by the team. concept video for the ambient sound system: responsibilities: sound design creation of ambient sounds for numerous eras, planets, and environmental conditions (including alien planets) implementation of sound effects and music into unity3d (unity 5) (there are additional sound effects made by another team member that need to be integrated as well.) various other sound elements requirements: vast knowledge of unity3d (unity 5) and implementation of dynamic audio therein experience creating audio and sound effects for games (please inform us of your experience level and past projects. show us your skills regardless of experience, but do remember that this is a major project and requires a professional touch.) access to high-quality sound creation/editing software available for regular updates and team meetings/interaction. must be a good team player, we're a friendly bunch ability to produce required audio/create audio systems within the agreed time limit, depending on difficulty of tasks (but we do prefer quality over speed) contact and payment details: this is a paid, part-time position. we are sticking to a pretty strict budget, as indies do, but we are more than willing to negotiate appropriate payment. be sure to specify your desired payment amount when applying. good work is always rewarded. please send your applications to contact[a] with the subject line: "[your name]: freelance audio engineer application" please include the following in your application: past experience a link to your portfolio let us know why you want the position desired payment we hope to hear from you soon! all the best, crytivo games

Anywhere [OLD] [PAID] Part time Unity3D developer at Crytivo Games

part time unity3d developer crytivo games anywhere programmers part time unity3d developer crytivo games is currently looking for a skilled and motivated part-time developer to join our team. the universim is a god-game where players will explore the universe and experience the evolution and hardships of a civilization and is being created by a team of passionate gamers from all around the world. learn more about our game: position expectations work on challenging, non-trivial tasks in the game environment work in an environment where code peer review is essential be involved with the whole development life-cycle desired skills & experience team player qualities at least 4 years of working experience with unity3d software design skills including oop experience with source-control concepts and tools strong verbal and written communication skills in english additional pluses ui design audio implementation camera controls an understanding of physics and math algorithms to apply send your resume at contact[a]​

Anywhere [OLD] [PAID] Game Designer / Team coordinator at Crytivo Games

game designer / team coordinator crytivo games anywhere management hello ladies and gentlemen, our small indie team, crytivo games, is currently looking for a talented game designer/team coordinator. learn more about our game: engine: unity3d about game: the universim is a next generation planet management god - game in development by crytivo games and designed by alex koshelkov. duties and responsibilities: - write and organize game documentations. - great communication skills. - willing to work at least 4-5 hours a day - strong english skills - ability to work effectively with the project lead and adjust/change game design concepts in a timely manner - day to day communication with team, including the organizing and creation of online meetings - email responses to business proposals and related business tasks. - previous games industry experience is a massive plus. please only apply if you have the skills and know-how to perform the tasks listed above, as well as -other elements of game development. - basic knowledge of adobe indesign is a plus. thank you, crytivo games team

Anywhere [OLD] [PAID] Lead 3D Artist at Crytivo Games

lead 3d artist crytivo games anywhere artists we’re looking for a part-time, off-site lead 3d artist who can create gorgeous, engaging content for our game. this is a leadership position, and as such you will help us set the bar for what our 3d graphics department is really capable of. if you’ve ever wanted to help build a company, as well as great games, this is your opportunity! learn more about our game: engine: unity3d responsibilities: create complete art assets; from initial concept to in-engine (unity3d) implementation and optimization modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, and animation of characters and environments create high-quality visual effects using shaders and particles use creativity and visual storytelling to solve problems in game design work closely with engineers and designers to work out technical challenges pertaining to the art pipeline help us build the 3d art department: mentor, offer advice on future hires, manage tool acquisitions, etc. requirements and qualifications: be highly motivated and passionate about gamedev, be willing to give your all when things get tough strong leadership abilities and people skills strong familiarity with commercial 3d design packages (3ds max and/or maya) familiarity with implementing shader graphs and particle systems in a commercial game engine environment experience with commercial graphics pipelines and scripting track record shipping commercial games (indie or aaa) ability to push the envelope—don’t just follow in the industry’s footsteps, set a whole new direction excellent technical knowledge

Anywhere [OLD] Concept Designer at Crytivo Games

concept designer crytivo games anywhere artists hello everyone, we are currently working on our first project: the universim, a next-generation planet management game currently set to release on pc, linux, and mac. we are scoping out other platforms as well, but that is all dependent on the outcome of our kickstarter which launches in a month or two. the game includes a deep research system for the evolution and advancement of civilizations, and you as the player can influence that advancement in any way you see fit. you are a god, but you cannot interact directly with your people, however it is your job to guide them as a silent observer. most events that occur within the game are dynamic and your population will go about life in the world as you would expect. the premise behind the game is to allow players to spread out across the stars and forge their own galactic empire. we have many more features and ambitions that we are currently working towards. we are now searching for a talented concept artist to join us on this adventure. please include your previous work experience, portfolio, examples of work, and even a resume (if you have one) with your messages. tell us about yourself. we are fortunate to be included in the all time top 10 concepts on the steam greenlight concepts section. multiple publishers contacted us with offers, we are still staying independent posted image the feedback from the community has been fantastic and continues to drive us towards our goal. we declined few offers from publishing big companies. we want stay independent and createive, and that's why we need you. we have begun heavy development on the first playable alpha build of the game, so your help is most certainly needed! we hope to see you join us soon! concept artist - still needed 3d artist - still needed c# programmer - still needed so far in our team we have: 3 programmers, 2 3d modelers, composer, art director, copywriter, web developer, community manager. please send your applications to: contact[a] this project will be crowd funded, all our team members work with out pay at this moment, but as soon as we will launch it you'll get paid for the work that you did along with determined hourly rate. microsoft promised to help us if we deliver game on surface pro. screenshots and basic info:

Mar 11, 2014
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