ChaosForge is an indie studio which specializes in roguelike games. Creators of DoomRL, DiabloRL, AliensRL and Berserk!. Working on a high quality commercial roguelike, spiritual successor to DoomRL.

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Anywhere [OLD] 3d modeller and/or animator at ChaosForge

3d modeller and/or animator chaosforge anywhere artists chaosforge is desperately looking for 3d artists! we need more hands to help create the assets for the gameplay videos for the new sci-fi roguelike game, jupiter hell, heading towards kickstarter, and to work with us after it funds! you can read more about the project on its webpage ( ), or in the in-depth interview on . pre-ks the time commitment required isn't high, afterwards it can become paid full or half-time job (remote). 3d-modelling/texturing skills a must, preferably in 3ds max, rigging and animation skills a big plus. level of detail is about quake iii class, but with normal mapping and bone animation.

Aug 25, 2013
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