Welcome to fight club... No wait, thats not right. Welcome to CANDLe!

If like me you love gaming, creating games, or just browsing the internet for hours on end only to realise you have wasted your lunch hour then I hope you enjoy 'Wasting' (as my mother would say) a little time on my site.

What am I Looking For? ​
• Experienced Mod Creators - To help copy game files and place the mod in one place and write simple installation programs.
• Modellers - For the creation of London's objects, weapons and characters. (People, Cars, busses, police, soldiers, weapons)
• World Builders (Experience preferred) - to create highly detailed worlds in Valve's Hammer Editor and creating puzzles to prevent you getting from a-b for the ultimate experience.
• Animators - To add life to models, characters and weapons.
• Scripter's\Coders - To manipulate things to make them how we want them and put the game together and create cutscenes
• Texture Artists - Creating detailed high resolution textures and bump maps for each map, characters and weapons...
• 2D Artists - To draw comic book style images for cut scenes.
• Sound engineers - To record some authentic sounds to throw into the game creating the best moods and experiences for the players.

If you think you might like the sound of this project download the firt part of the script of our first mod 'AXiOM' and contact ue through our website with a reference to your work (e.g. pictures, web portfolio etc).

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