Bullfrog Productions was a UK computer game developer that was founded in 1987 by Les Edgar and Peter Molyneux. The company achieved recognition in 1989 for their third release, Populous. At the time of the company's founding, Edgar and Molyneux were already involved in an enterprise called Taurus Impex Ltd. Bullfrog's name was derived from "Taurus" (the Latin word for bull) and Edgar's daughter's love of frogs. Electronic Arts, Bullfrog's publisher, acquired the studio in January 1995.[1] Molyneux had become an Electronic Arts vice-president and consultant in 1994, after EA purchased a significant share of Bullfrog. Molyneux left Bullfrog in August 1997 to found Lionhead Studios whilst other members of the original team founded Mucky Foot Productions. The last titles to bear the Bullfrog logo were published in 2001. 2004 met the final end of Bullfrog when Electronic Arts combined their side studios into EA UK. Description By Wikipedia.

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Dungeon Keeper Demo
Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Keeper Demo

Dec 10, 2011 Dungeon Keeper Demo (12.43mb) 0 comments

Dungeon Keeper Demo. Only one map but kinda hard if you don't know how to play it. (Not my case by the way xD haha) Attention Old dungeon keeper gamers...

Populous Tools
Populous 3: The Beginning

Populous Tools

Apr 1, 2011 Populous 3: The Beginning Other (0.48mb) 2 comments

Tools all made by ALACN.

Populous 3: The Beginning World Editor
Populous 3: The Beginning

Populous 3: The Beginning World Editor

Apr 1, 2011 Populous 3: The Beginning Mapping Tool (0.94mb) 0 comments

World Editor for Populous The Beginning. Created by ALACN.

Dungeon Keeper II Official WorldEditor
Dungeon Keeper 2

Dungeon Keeper II Official WorldEditor

Apr 15, 2008 Dungeon Keeper 2 Mapping Tool (1.04mb) 0 comments

This is just an advanced but user friendly Mapping tool that anyone can use or get used to for Dungeon Keeper II. Comes with a DK2 WorldEditor Manual...

Oct 8, 2009
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