Brain Candy is a new independent developer of video games whose objective is to keep the independent spirit alive by taking advantage of new opportunities offered by digital distribution and new affordable tools, all the while applying large studio production methodologies.

Brain Candy believes that digital distribution gives independent game developers the opportunity to develop a new business model that will ensure their independence and profitability in the long run. Brain Candy’s business model is based on the digital distribution of their games on PC, Mac and consoles, the use of private investment to self-fund their productions, the integration of marketing functions to promote the studio as well as their creations and the use of quality tools and assets to create original and surprising games

Brain Candy is a family of 5: Jean Jacques Conné (Studio Manager, Founder of Allopass), David Jeanne (Game Designer and UI Specialist), Alexandre Avenard (Producer and Marketing specialist), Robert Falce (Technical Director) and Maximilien Torti (3D Artist). Brain Candy takes its strength from this small structure, each individual bringing his own expertise and character, blending into a great creative mix. The studio has also set up partnerships for specific tasks for its upcoming games, insuring the best quality possible for all aspects of the development.

This team, made up of passionate gamers who have grown up with video games, but also from varying professional backgrounds (games production, online payment systems, cinema special effects and interaction design), fully intends to use the unique possibilities of the video game medium to entertain, surprise and move players from all over the world. Brain Candy is currently working on its first game, developed with the Unity Engine 3, which will be announced very soon.

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Fray: Reloaded Edition

Fray: Reloaded Edition

Turn Based Strategy

FRAY is a unique and fast paced multiplayer simultaneous turn-based strategy game for PC. Plan your orders swiftly and watch the action unfold as all...


"This team, made up of passionate gamers"--

You mean passionate scammers, right?

Brain Candy caused one of the largest Steam uproars and took a hefty chunk out of REAL gamers' wallets. They slapped together a pre-alpha pile of ****, gave it some makeup and released it for cash flow. Best part? They came back apologizing after a hiatus and did it AGAIN with the 'Reloaded' addition, then disappeared never to be heard from again, trotting away with fat pockets.

As much as I have to admire how genius of a plan that is, I will have to remain with my instinctual reply to the thought of this team.
Get ******, ****** Candy.

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